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before and after: One session of our smoothing treatment

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  • An Expert Stylist Hair & Scalp Analysis (Valued at $25)
  • An In-Depth Hair and Smoothing Consultation (Valued at $25)
  • A De-Frizzing Smoothing Treatment (Valued from $199)
  • ​A Deep Nourishing Shampoo (Valued at $10)
  • ​A Hydrating Conditioner (Valued at $10)
  • ​A Relaxing Head & Neck Massage (Valued at $25)
  • ​A Professional Haircut (Valued at $95)
  • A Hair Straightening or Curling to Finish The Service (Valued at $50)
  • A Free Wash and Blow Wave at a Future Visit (Valued at $65)

....TOTAL VALUE OF $505!

Is this Chemical Straightening? 
No this is not Chemical straightening. This is a smoothing treatment that will help De Frizz your hair, strengthen your hair, add instant shine , Your hair will loose all the frizz yet retain the natural waves or curls that your hair has.
Is this Keratin?
No this is not a Keratin treatment. Keratin is a natural protein that is already present in your hair and nails. The Keratin Treatment offers just Protein for your hair and helps de frizz your hair. The Smoothing treatment offers you a balanced level of protein and hydration to ensure your hair is well nourished. This has lactic acid that helps remove all chemical and salt build up on your hair, adding shine (like exfoliating your skin). Lastly, it has Plex in the the serum, therefore it strengthens the sulphide bond making it stronger and ready for any colour or chemical treatments you may like in future. 
How Much Does It Cost?
The price for the smoothing treatment is from $199, however does vary slightly depending on the length of hair.
Will This Damage My Hair?
The Smoothing treatment is 100% chemical free. It has Protein - Plant based , Coconut Oils - Hydration, Lactic Acid - Hydration, Plex - Similar to olaplaex which helps to strengthen your hair.
How Long Will The Results Last?
The treatment will last up to 5 months.
Will My Hair Be Straight?
This is not chemical straightening, therefore your hair will be relaxed, de frizzed and easy to manage. If you are after straight hair then I would suggest you consider chemical straightening instead.

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If you're struggling with frizzy, damaged or dull hair... or perhaps you just want more shine, then this treatment is for you. 

With just one single treatment you can have more hydration, get rid of your frizz, bring back your shine and have healthier, stronger hair!...  Oh and  there are ZERO chemicals used with this treatment.

This is unlike any other Smoothing or Keratin Treatment on the market and we are the EXPERTS at getting you the results you want and deserve. At Maelstrom, we GUARANTEE your results every time and with each smoothing treatment lasting 5 months, what are you waiting for? Book your FREE Consultation now by hitting the button below.
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